What People Say

“As a music teacher in Bend  for 37 years, I had some chronic tension in my shoulders as well as headaches. After having just a few Alexander lessons, I began to use my body so efficiently and easily that my tension and headaches were gone and I was filled with energy. I love the way I feel! People always tell me I have the most graceful posture and they don’t realize it’s from the Alexander Technique. I cannot say enough about my lessons with Cathy Pollock. She is a complete professional with a very gentle touch and many wise words to lead the student down the path to wellness.”
- Beth Basham, Music Teacher/Artistic Director, Youth Choir of Central Oregon

“I was immediately attracted to Cathy’s vibrant, positive personality. She is encouraging, motivating and very accessible as an instructor. Over the years, she has taught my students, as well as other voice students at the University of Utah, many master classes, as well as private lessons. I witnessed huge growth in my students once they began working with Cathy.”
- Kirsten Gunlogsen, Associate Professor of Voice, Professional Singer

“There are teachers, and then there are teachers with insight and the capability to inspire and open up the world; Cathy is in the latter category. She makes the A.T. so accessible and easy to apply to my life. Studying with Cathy has improved my own teaching; I have improved my communication, and hence my problem-solving skills with my voice and piano students. Understanding the A.T. in my own body better enables me to understand it in theirs. Cathy’s skills rank up there with the east and west coast big-city Alexander teachers and at a fraction of the cost!”
- Chari Erickson, singer, pianist, music teacher

“The Alexander Technique has made my viola playing, professional life, and my private teaching much easier and more enjoyable. It has given me tools to adequately assess my own habits of tension, make corrections based on those assessments, and those of my students. I strongly believe that the Alexander Technique has a place in every music curriculum.”
- Julie Edwards, Violist, Utah Symphony

“Your posture on the ground is your posture in the saddle.” So many riders are not advancing because of their lack of understanding of their own “use.” I see riders who are not aware of their habits struggling week after week with their horses, while not addressing the real issue which is incorrect “use.” I really believe A.T. will result in real riding breakthroughs for most riders.”
- Misti Seppi, Equestrian, Riding Instructor

“Cathy will change the way you use your body – which will change your life! Not only did she correct my posture, she also helped improve my speaking voice, mobility, and comfort. Alexander technique is something everyone needs. Awareness is so essential to feeling healthy and energetic. Cathy is the best! As a classical singer, I have worked with many Alexander technicians. Cathy Pollock is truly amazing! Her gifts of insight and healing are second to none!”
- Megan Lee, Voice Teacher

“I live with Rheumatoid Arthritis and I’ve worked with Cathy for the last 16 years. She has helped me cope with recoveries from 5 arthritis-related surgeries over that time period. She has helped me to immediately find relief from muscle pain, headaches and has taught me how to move through my life with so much more ease physically. The work I’ve done with Cathy has literally changed my life.

“I am also a singer and a voice teacher. I’ve hired Cathy many times to teach workshops for my voice students. I’ve watched them open up their voices in ways that not much else would have been able to do for them. She is very fun to work with, makes the technique incredibly accessible and truly invests herself in the education of her students. She has a genuinely positive approach that brings people into a better way of using their bodies from the moment she begins her work with them.

“I live in Utah and so with her recent move to the Northwest, I’m definitely missing her, but yet have such a great understanding of what she taught me, I know that I will be ok no matter what comes up for me and my body down the road.”
- Kait Kingston, Owner and Director, The Performer’s Studio, Salt Lake City, Utah

“My 13 year old daughter plays the flute and was struggling with tension throughout her body as she played. We decided to give the Alexander Technique a try and found Cathy just by looking up a provider on the Internet. From only one lesson, my daughters flute tone began to change as Cathy taught her how to release tension. As we continued lessons, my daughter began to win competitions that are unheard of for her age. We attribute that to Cathy’s expertise in the Alexander Technique and how to release tension throughout the body. May I also say that Cathy is one of the most beautiful human beings I have ever met. She cares deeply about her clients and wants what is best for them! I can’t believe how lucky we were to come across her! I would strongly encourage you to give Cathy a try!”
- Katrina Young, Director and Primary Instructor, Young Flutists of Utah

“Cathy Pollock’s use and knowledge of the Alexander Technique really helped me to get on the right path toward fixing my alignment problems. I continue to use the techniques I learned from her as I apply them to my tai chi practice. They continually help me to understand my body’s structure and provide guideposts for me to check in with. As a teacher, Cathy was patient and kind. She demonstrated thorough knowledge of her discipline and was able to adapt it to help me with my discipline of tai chi. I would recommend Cathy’s service to anyone who is seeking to improve their posture and alignment. Thanks Cathy!”
- Sue Leary

“Cathy is one of the most amazingly diverse and talented body technique instructors I know. When she speaks and teaches she does it with a level of experience and knowing that is unique and specific. As an avid outdoors person who has traveled the world, she is intimately qualified to speak in areas of body wisdom and knowing. Cathy is funny, kind, bright, articulate, and lovely to connect with. I highly recommend her tools, techniques, and teaching for anyone who wants to understand and explore their own body wisdom.”
- Suzanne Wagner, Psychic, Licensed Massage Therapist

“Cathy Pollock has an amazing ability to pin point imbalances in one’s body. Her expertise has enabled my body to begin relaxing and regain some measure of flexibility. I’m 80 so I don’t expect miracles….just one tiny step at a time.”
- Lily Havey

“Taking Alexander Technique lessons from Cathy has had the most significant and beneficial influence on all aspects from my life! Cathy has such an artistic and caring way of showing you how to gain more awareness and control of your posture and how to more easily move your body. As a professional musician, I now have more control and confidence in my guitar playing and singing because of what Cathy has taught me. Anyone who enjoys breathing, talking, walking, sitting, playing music, or any activity that requires the body, has something awesome to learn from such an inspirational healer and teacher.”
- George Simon, Classical and Jazz Guitar and Vocal Master Teacher

“Cathy Pollock is a marvel. She helped me learn to move more efficiently and with less pain. I most highly recommend the table work for anyone with fibromyalgia. I can’t praise Cathy highly enough!”
- Joan Haven

“Cathy’s teaching of the Alexander Technique is insightful as well as creative. With her caring demeanor she brings to her students teaching which helps them improve their health as well as their overall well-being. Not only is she an expert in her field, working with her is a joy.”
- Fay Putnam, Certified Alexander Technique and Voice Teacher

“Cathy Pollock is a great Alexander Technique teacher! Intuitive, knowledgeable, and with lots of tools to help the student in the process of self discovery and awareness, She has also a great sense of humor making one feel at ease during the lesson. I highly recommend her!”
- Marisol Mayell, M.AmSAT Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique

“I have rarely seen a better professional match than Cathy Pollock’s with the Alexander Technique. She is a natural martial artist and athlete, and as I watched her evolve through her Alexander training I saw her physically change. Every time I took lessons from her it was a joy of relaxation and body learning. She is in her element and she will help you be in yours.”
- Francine Mahak, PhD, Business Communication, Coaching Skills, Interactive Training

“Cathy has worked with me personally, has worked for me professionally, and has become someone I sent people to when they needed education and awareness. She is very gifted in bringing her clientele into their own innate intelligence, coaxing people into their own mind/body connection with humor and depth, patience and levity.”
- D’ana Baptiste, Owner and Yoga Teacher, Centered City Yoga, Salt Lake City

“After a coccyx and pelvis injury, I did ten sessions with Cathy Pollock. We reengineered, or rather, deconstructed my poor body mechanics, and the chronic pain I was experiencing greatly improved. The lessons she taught me have stayed with me for over a decade, and even washing my face or arising from a chair are characterized by Cathy’s technique. I am a fan.”
- Anonymous

“Cathy gave a presentation of the Alexander technique to our students in a performing arts high school and the results were immediate and dramatic. She is very effective in communicating and demonstrating the concepts to large groups and in applying them to individuals. In our session she worked with vocalists, pianists, guitarists, and actors. In every case there were immediate positive results. Very professional, very personable, very skilled. I can recommend her without qualification.”
- Stan Funicelli, Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts, Music Department Head

“As a teacher of the Alexander Technique myself, I can assure anyone who wants to have a lesson with Cathy that this is a gift from a ‘veteran’ of the work! Get ready to enjoy this ride and learn some things about your balance and abilities that will serve you a life time!!!”
- Glenna Batson, Certified Alexander Technique Teacher and Physical Therapist

“Cathy is the best! She is a wise and patient teacher. I can’t thank her enough for the help she gave me improving my performance and more importantly, my sense of well-being.”
- Stephen Proser, French Horn, Utah Symphony

“Alexander Technique works! I have been suffering from chronic back and neck pain for years. I was researching on the internet different remedies for relief when I came across the Alexander Technique. Taking lessons from Cathy has made a huge impact in helping me to feel better. AT has given me the skills to learn how I can use my body more freely, release tension, and inhibit the use of poor body mechanics. It has made me more in tune with how I carry myself throughout the day and has helped reduce my pain substantially. I would recommend lessons to anyone! Cathy is fantastic! She has definitely helped change my life for the better.”
- Stephanie Bisping, Project Manager, University of Utah Dept. of Pediatrics