The Alexander Technique is most effectively learned by working with a certified teacher.  An Alexander Technique teacher uses gentle hands-on guidance, along with visual and verbal directions, to help her students find true, natural alignment and ease in movement.

Lessons are generally one hour long (1/2 hour for younger students). Dressed in comfortable clothing, the student is guided in simple activities such as sitting, standing, and walking. Exploring simple movements builds the foundation needed to address more complex activities, such as playing music, singing, other fine arts performance, and sports. The student learns to notice and change the harmful habit patterns that can cause tension or fatigue. Often, a part of the lesson takes place lying on a padded table, where habitual tensions are more easily released. This constructive rest position rejuvenates the whole body.

What you can expect:

In 3 lessons: Posture and Movement Assessment, The Principles of the Alexander Technique (AT)

You will learn how to sit well to reduce chronic neck, back, and shoulder tension, eye strain, and fatigue. You will learn how to stand in balance effortlessly.

  • Good for identifying harmful habits of posture and movement.
  • Good for letting go of unnecessary guarding of an injured part.
  • Good for rehabilitation from a surgery to speed healing and establish healthy ways of using your body.

In 5 lessons: Customizing Your Personal Program, Application to Daily Life

An in-depth look at your personal trouble spots and how to release tension and pain.

You will learn how to walk more gracefully and with less effort. You will learn how to bend and reach without stressing your neck and back.  You will begin to apply what you are learning to sitting at your desk, walking, driving your car, or anything you do in your daily life.

  • Good for beginning to learn how to make your desired changes
  • Good for deepening your body awareness
  • Good for relieving chronic pain from poor postural habits at work or play

In 10 lessons:224712_10150190573159549_6785618_n Refining and maintaining your skills

You will be using yourself with an increased level of awareness and skill. You will continue to practice applying what you learned from your lessons in sitting, standing, walking, bending, reaching, and lifting. You will learn about breathing fully and easily.  You will now have the ability to integrate the principles of the Alexander Technique while doing more complex activities such as playing a musical instrument, riding a horse, riding a bike, or performing on stage.

  • Good for specific performance goals (i.e. music/voice, arts, sports, public speaking)
  • Good for clarifying and deepening  your self-help skills
  • Good for expanding your understanding of your anatomy and physiology


The number of lessons needed to attain your specific goals  varies with the individual. For most people, 10-30 lessons ensures that good posture becomes automatic. You will no longer find slumping and straining comfortable or acceptable. Being more conscious in the moment becomes easier. You never lose the skills learned through The Embodied Way training. You are on an ever-increasing path to wellness!


Group Lessons

Organize your own special interest group for a presentation, or for on-going classes.


I will come to you! Have a lesson in your home or office environment, or in the great outdoors!





“Do you have the patience to wait ’til your mud settles and the water is clear? Can you remain unmoving ’til the right action arises by itself?”
– Lao-Tzu