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Cathy has finally landed back in the Intermountain West, returning to the Tetons after 30 years!

Back to the land of snow, moose, elk, grizzly, and deer!

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May 18, 2015

Tip ‘O The Day

It has occurred to me on more than one occasion that the ottoman I use for a computer chair is harmful to my sitting. By that I mean that it is not supportive. Too cushy, too low, and just not meant to be a desk chair. Then, why continue to use it? Part of me thinks, “Oh, I’ll only be here at the computer for a minute”. Another part thinks, “I don’t feel like moving it and getting another chair”. In the meantime, I feel tension building in my neck and back. I’m fidgeting to find comfort. I’m stubbornly lazy about rectifying this situation. And I’m an Alexander Technique Teacher!¬† So, why don’t I change it? I will, right this moment . (I’ll be right back). Well, that didn’t take long. Ahhhh, firm support under my bottom. I feel the floor under my feet. the monitor seems a bit low. My typing feels different-more alert and precise. It’s all really different sitting on this wooden chair. Better!

Now, I challenge you to investigate your daily activities and the furniture that is part of it!

Comments and finding are welcomed!

Change is easy once you recognize you need it.

Have a great and comfortable day!